How Often Should an A/C Be Serviced?

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Air Conditioning (A/C) units are generally installed in places where they are out of sight and away from high-traffic areas.

Because of this, many homeowners need to be reminded to have their A/C serviced.

Scheduling an A/C service that repeats every spring is a great way to remember to get your cooling equipment serviced before the summer heat hits.

An A/C service consists of scheduling an appointment with a licensed HVAC technician and having them come to your home to clean, test, and evaluate the equipment (indoor and outdoor) that cools your home.

Service visits generally cost less than $125.00 and can significantly increase the lifespan of your cooling system.

Consistently having your cooling equipment serviced can also save you money and headaches in the long run when worn or failing parts are discovered and replaced before they fail.

Bottom line: You should schedule an appointment to have your A/C serviced about once a year, especially for older models.

For the best performance, a twice-a-year visit is even better. Let’s dive into some important details.

What Happens If an A/C Isn’t Serviced?
Not getting your A/C serviced can cause your system to have a variety of problems, many of which only get worse over time.

An A/C that has never been or has rarely been serviced will often have one or more of the problems listed below:

Slow or no cooling. Over time, A/C systems can develop leaks and release refrigerant into the air.

Not only is refrigerant expensive to replace, but it also can harm the environment. A/C systems that are low on refrigerant don’t cool very well if at all.

Clogs and flooding. Air conditioners not only cool the air in your home, but they are also dehumidifiers which means that they remove water from the air inside your house.

Because of this, A/Cs need to drain several gallons of water a day. If your A/C systems drain is plugged, flooding and water damage can result.Fan failure.

A/C systems use fans to add cool air to buildings. Because fans are moving parts, they are more likely to wear out than non-moving parts. If fans aren’t checked regularly, they can fail when you need them the most.

Clogged filters. All A/C systems have air filters. Some systems have filters that only need to be changed once a year while others have filters that may need to be changed monthly.

A dirty filter stops air from moving through your system which can damage your cooling equipment and cause freeze-ups.

How Long Do A/C Units Last?
Generally, it takes 10 to 15 years before an A/Cs performance starts to drop.

If your A/C unit is starting to show its age, now is a great time to start shopping for a new and more efficient model.

What is Done During an A/C Service?
Common steps in a maintenance visit include:

Checking and replacing dirty air filters.
Measuring refrigerant levels, stopping leaks, and adding more refrigerant if necessary
Cleaning out debris from around the air conditioner
Cleaning dirty A/C coil and fins
Testing A/C fans, motors, and compressors
Checking vents to make sure they are open and clear
Making recommendations about parts that need to be replaced
Advising when it’s time for new cooling equipment

Because all A/C systems aren’t the same, finding a certified HVAC technician that has experience servicing your model is also important. Contact Randy’s Mechanical, Inc. today to discuss the kind of A/C unit you have and how it needs to be maintained.

Does Cleaning your A/Cs Coil and Fins Really Help?
Yes! Rinsing out the cooling coil and fins on your A/C system helps it dissipate the heat it removes from inside your home.

Here’s how it works: The refrigerant inside your A/C system absorbs the heat inside your house, carries it outside, and releases it back into the atmosphere via your outdoor condensing unit.

When your outdoor condensing unit’s coil and fins are plugged with dirt and grime the refrigerant can’t release the heat it is carrying very efficiently.

This causes your equipment to run longer and work harder which causes it to fail more often and ultimately shortens its life.

What Time of Year Should I Get My A/C Serviced?
The best time to have your A/C serviced is in the late spring or early summer when the outside temperature is above 70°. We recommend you wait if the outside temperature is below 70°.

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