Boiler Repair in Orem, UT

Boiler RepairWhen it is the middle of a very cold winter, nothing is worse than having your boiler system in your home or business malfunction. While most people have turned to furnaces and forced air systems through ductwork to provide heat to their homes or businesses, there are still older buildings and houses that utilize a boiler system to keep the heat flowing in the wintertime. The boiler systems are also used to heat water in a water heater to provide hot water for people, along with the humidity that is needed in a house or building during the winter months.

A boiler is a pressurized enclosed vessel that allows water or another type of liquid to be heated. It is during this process that heat and energy are produced. A boiler system can provide heat to your home or building as well as provide you with hot water and humidify the air. It is imperative that your boiler system is in top-notch condition at all times through proper care and maintenance. It is very important to maintain the efficiency of your boiler system as well as to keep it safe for you and your family as well as others.

Boiler Safety

It is important to maintain certain standards when it comes to your boiler to ensure that it is safe for you and others at your home or workplace. There are several things you can do to maintain a very safe boiler system that will provide you with heat and hot water for years to come.

First of all, the manufacturer of your boiler has provided instructions when it comes to the proper operation of your system, and you need to follow all of those precisely. You should always keep the area around the boiler system clean and inspect it periodically, along with its vents and conduits, to look for any signs of wear and tear or damage. You should not store any items in the boiler area since they could fall and damage your system or pose a safety risk.

It is imperative that you have a professional HVAC company come to your home or business on a regular basis to conduct inspections to ensure that your boiler is always operating properly and efficiently. It is also very important to have regular maintenance conducted on your boiler so that it works at its optimal performance level and ensures that it is in good condition to prevent any complete breakdowns of this system or even very hazardous situations from occurring.


Signs You Need Boiler Maintenance

Boiler inspections are designed so that a professional heating and cooling technician can identify any safety hazards as well as damage or wear and tear on the various parts of your boiler system so that they can be caught early and repaired to facilitate the continued operation of your boiler system. If a boiler system has been flagged at your business or house during an inspection, the boiler should not be used until the necessary repairs have been made to avoid any safety hazards. Whether you inspect your boiler system yourself or have it done by a professional, you should always hire a qualified HVAC repair technician to rectify any problems that there are with your boiler system.

There are many different issues that will alert you to the fact that your boiler system is not functioning properly. For instance, if your boiler system is not producing enough heat for your house or building or if there is no hot water or there is only warm water coming out of the faucets, that will indicate there is a noticeable difference in the output from your boiler system and you will need to schedule a repair with a qualified technician.

Also, if you begin to hear loud vibrations or noises coming from your boiler system, it can indicate that there is a mineral buildup inside the tank or there is too much pressure inside your system. Both of these situations will require you to call in a heating and cooling professional to conduct boiler repair before you can safely operate your system again. If you notice an active leak or you find that there is water pooling beneath your boiler system, it is a sign that your boiler system needs to be repaired and you should call an HVAC specialist and possibly a plumber to remedy the situation.

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