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HVAC InstallationsNothing is worse than being in the middle of a heat wave and your air conditioning stops working or you simply do not have central air conditioning in place at your home or business in the first place. It is just as bad when your furnace goes out in the middle of wintertime. With both of these scenarios, the best solution is to call upon HVAC professionals that you can trust for heating and air conditioning installation or repair.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Many people think that they can install central air conditioning or a new furnace themselves. It is possible, but it is a huge job to undertake for someone who does not have professional HVAC experience. Both of these systems are very complex and involve electrical wiring that can start a fire if not done correctly. Also, the coolant that is inside some air conditioning units can be very dangerous and can even explode. In some areas of the United States, you may even need a license to purchase the coolant that is used in air conditioning units. If all of that is not intimidating enough for you, let us add in the fact that you may actually void out the warranty for your air conditioning unit or furnace system if it is installed by you instead of a licensed and certified HVAC technician.

Also, HVAC specialists will be able to help you out with a brand-new central air conditioning unit even when you have a boiler heating system in place. Most homes and businesses throughout the state of Utah have forced air furnaces with ductwork in place, but some older homes and buildings may still use a boiler-style heating system. This situation can make it a little more involved and detailed to be able to install a central air conditioning unit, which is the reason you need to hire HVAC technicians to get the job accomplished since they are trained in both heating and cooling.
Keep in mind that when you have a boiler heating system in your home or building, it uses radiant heat tubes that are beneath the floor or radiators that are situated along the wall. This means there is no ductwork in place. If you make the decision that you want central air conditioning installed, you will need to have ductwork added to your home or building. This will definitely add quite a bit of cost to the overall price of your central air conditioner installation, but it is still very feasible, and it will make your home or office way more comfortable in the future. It will also up the resale value of your home if you ever decide to sell it. Also, you may use natural gas for a variety of your appliances, and you may be wondering if a central air conditioning unit will raise your electric bill. It will raise it a few dollars per day, but you can actually save money if you turn your air conditioning unit down when no one is going to be home throughout the day. You want to be careful not to turn it down too far, though, since it does take hours and a lot of hard work for your air conditioning unit to get to the correct temperature to cool down your home or office. Your HVAC specialist can evaluate the needs of your home or building and give you an honest recommendation so that you can make a decision that is best for you in your situation.

Most HVAC companies utilize a variety of different brands when it comes to air conditioners and furnaces and will help you match the correct unit to meet your specific needs and preferences. They will look at the square footage of your home or building as well as how much air is escaping from your home, how high the ceilings are, and even the level of sunlight that is available in your home throughout the summer months. The final choice, of course, is always made by you, but it is nice to have all the information provided to you in an honest and direct manner.
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