Heating Repair in Orem, UT

Heater RepairWintertime throughout the state of Utah can be quite frigid and the last thing you need is for your furnace to malfunction or completely break down.
There are some signs that you can look for when it comes to your heating system so that you can call in a qualified heating and cooling professional before the situation gets much worse. Read on for signs that you need to watch out for that could mean that your furnace is going to need to be repaired by a certified and licensed HVAC professional.

Signs That a Furnace Needs to be Repaired

Below are some signs to watch for that can mean that your furnace needs to be repaired as soon as possible by an HVAC professional.


Thermostat Does Not Work

A thermostat that is no longer working is a very common problem when it comes to furnaces. To be able to determine if your thermostat is malfunctioning, you will notice that the fan on your furnace is constantly running. If that is happening, it will make your thermostat battery run continuously which then causes your furnace to no longer work efficiently. You should first check this setting on your thermostat to ensure that the fan is set on auto and to determine if the fan is constantly running at all of the different heat settings.

Clogs or Dirty Filter

During the cold winter months of the year, you really should change your furnace filter at least once per month, but many people do not do that, so the filter can become very dirty or even clogged. Once this happens, it will reduce the intake of air that your furnace requires to function properly, so its efficiency will decrease. You could also end up damaging the limit switch of your furnace, so you should ensure that your filters are swapped out no less than once every three months to ensure optimal performance from your furnace. If there is a clog in the lines of your furnace somewhere, an HVAC professional will need to be called upon to determine where the clog is and to rectify the situation.

Pilot Light Issues

If you have a natural gas furnace that has a pilot light, you need to always make sure it is functioning properly because it can become a safety hazard. If you notice that your pilot light is yellow instead of the normal blue with orange flame or it is flickering or just showing up very weakly, it could mean that there is too much carbon monoxide in your natural gas furnace. This can be extremely hazardous to your health as well as to anyone else living in your home and to your pets. You should immediately call a heating professional to remedy the issue as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning or Broken Parts

If the heat exchanger of your furnace is broken, it can overheat your house, causing your furnace to completely break down to the point where you will not have any heat at all. This issue will require a call to a furnace technician who can diagnose the issue and then replace the heat exchanger if necessary. If your furnace has a blower belt that is either malfunctioning or frayed due to wear and tear, your fan will no longer be able to run properly and will cause a squealing sound that comes from your furnace. You will need to replace this belt as soon as possible to increase the efficiency and performance of the furnace fan and to ensure you do not cause more damage to your heating unit.

Other Signs

If your furnace begins to hovercycle, the limit switch is malfunctioning, your furnace is no longer blowing out hot air, or there are rattling noises coming from your furnace, it is time to call a highly skilled heating and cooling technician to make the necessary repairs.

Heater Repairs by a Trusted Professional

The highly trained and skilled HVAC technicians at Randy’s Mechanical, Inc. have the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, and equipment to repair your heating unit quickly and efficiently. They are trained to remedy any electrical issues, pilot light or ignition issues, or problems with the thermostat of your furnace. They can also deal with a short cycling or over-cycling furnace and resolve any blower or fan problems when it comes to your furnace. Whether you need heating repair or a furnace replacement, the HVAC professionals at Randy’s Mechanical can provide you with the service and high-quality products that you need and deserve.

The technicians from Randy’s Mechanical, Inc. will work diligently to explain all of your options when it comes to repairing your furnace and will give you a free estimate upfront so that you know what to expect. They are also certified to repair boiler furnaces and systems to keep the warm air flowing in any situation. The final decision on whether a furnace should be repaired or replaced is always left up to the home or business owner.

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